Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Dobby

Baby socks are so quick to make. I finished up the first one before we left to go to the movies and run errands. I am almost half way done with the foot on the second one now just working on it for one evening.
Sugar is naked! The above is before, the bottom after. She went in for a clip and a grooming yesterday. It'd been so long I told them to just cut it way down. And they did. It went from about two inches to a half inch. She looks and smells so different the cats keep yowling, arching their backs and spitting whenever she walks by! It'll grow back quickly, it always amazes me how quickly it does grow back. As I told the groomer, she's mostly an indoor dog and the back yard is heavily shaded so I'm not worried about sunburn. We don't have AC, so it rarely gets cooler than 75 in the house. She's not gonna get cold in the meantime!

Drums of Autumn (Outlander, Book 4) Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

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This is the fourth in the currently six book series.

These are my favorite series of books, I think, although it's a toss up when I'm listening to the Harry Potter series...then they they are my favorite! I love the narrator, Davina Porter, of the unabridged series. She has a wonderful voice, a talent for accents and adds so much to these stories.

The saga of Clare and Jamie continues in the Colonies in the 1770s. As they build up their homestead in the hills of South Carolina, their daughter, Brianna, back in the 1980s builds a relationship with the historian Roger Wakefield. He finds the death notice of her parents and decides to keep the information from her, after all what can she do about deaths that happened some two hundred years in the past?

What indeed....

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We went to see Star Wars The Clone Wars yesterday. I thought it was great fun. Moved so much faster than the other movies did. Lots of action, lots of fun references to other stories, and many other things. We laughed alot. I'm not sure I'd recommend it highly in the theater, although there is the big screen element that often makes a movie so much fun. But definitely get it on DVD and watch it.

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