Sunday, July 27, 2008

Master has given Dobby a sock!

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The socks are done! Even Dobby would be proud of them!

Pattern: Basic Child's Pattern
Needles: US2 Addi
Yarn: Various and a sundry sock yarns
CO July 24, BO July 26

Dobby Socks II for Oldest GS have been CO. These will be a bit more conservative on the tops as we are afraid his father won't let him wear them otherwise.

I had the whole day to myself yesterday. Youngest Daughter took the GDs and went to a friend's house for a Girls Night Out on Friday. She spent the night and didn't get home until after 8:00 pm last night. 24 hours of relative peace and quiet. Except for the thunder that kept making my 60 lb dog think she was a lap dog. I caught up on TV shows, finished listening to HP & Deadly Hallows, and knit! It was grand.

Among the Hidden (Shadow Children, Book 1) Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

rating: 3 of 5 stars
A good story. However, I think, for marketing purposes, they've split up one novel in to many in order to sell more books. The ending of this book is more like the end of a chapter than the end of the book.

I'll look for the next one, Among the Impostors just to see if it's worth it.

Luke is a Third Child in a country that only allows two children to a family. He is kept on the farm in hiding, sometimes spending as long as six months without going outside. One day, in the housing development that destroyed his woods, he sees another child peering from a window in what should be an empty house.

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  1. Pretty cool socks, Lizzie! Who are these for?


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