Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In Passing...

I took the day off from knitting yesterday, for the most part, and read. Just sat and read. Well, between fixing meals, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning my room, stripping my bed, fixing more meals, washing more dishes....

What did I read, you ask? Nora Roberts second book in the Signs of Seven Trilogy, The Hollow. The first in the series was Blood Brothers. The last, Pagan Stone will come out in December. It's good, fast, entertaining reading. I only have 38 pages left on The Hollow.

If you notice on my sidebar to the right, I've started using GoodReads to keep track of what I've read, what I'm reading and what I want to read. I use it to research books recommended by others and I can with one click add them to any of the three above mentioned lists. It's cool!

My local library has summer reading programs for all ages. I decided to sign up for the adult one, promising to read ten books by July 19th. When I finish The Hollow, I'll have eight done! The prize is a $5 gift certificate to be used at the local used book store. They often have a good selection of knitting books: Knitting Without Tears was there once! So, I may just spend more time reading than knitting in the next couple weeks!

I did a little knitting last night, CO the second baby sock to go with the recently finished Hoodie. Just about ready to start the heel flap.

Today is grocery shopping day, so it'll be a day of heat and driving rather than reading or knitting.

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  1. OOh! I read the first one. I'll have to tackle #2 now. I wish our library had an adult summer reading program. They do a great job of the one for children.


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