Sunday, July 13, 2008

FO - Tropical Socks

Yarn: Paton's Stretch Sock
Colorway: Unknown
Needles: Addi US3
Pattern: Standard Vanilla Socks: CO 64, Eye of Partridge variation: Heel: WS K3, Purl to last 3 sts; K3 RS K3, K1, S1 across, K3; WS K3, Purl to last 3 sts, K3; RS K3, Sl1 K1 across, K3
Started Jul 9; Finished July 12

I CO another pair of socks last night. I forgot I had this yarn. It's a one of a kind dye job that Ray at Knitivity did quite awhile back. It has deep purple, blue, green and hot pink. It's very intense. I think I'll call them Orchid Garden at Midnight....

I watched the film version of The Devil's Arithmetic written by Jane Yolen. Both are excellent. Very good story for young adults learning about the Holocaust. Violent enough for a good understanding of what happened, not too violent to cause nightmares. Take the time to read and/or watch the story.

Today will be mostly knitting mittens, I think. Another clue on the Mystery KAL, and I should CO the mittens for the NAS KAL seeing that Mariella will have both pair done before we even begin. So much for "knitting along"! forum smileys


  1. Oh... So that is what KAL stands for?
    I thought it KAL meant Knitting A Lot :)

    just kidding.....

  2. your tropical socks make we want to go to Hawaii! so pretty!


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