Friday, June 6, 2008

Knittin' and Surfin'

I worked on something for myself yesterday, just as I promised I would. I finished the leg on my Art School socks and have started the toe decreases! I'm really pleased with how well the color patterning matches on both socks.. Ray did a great dye job on this yarn! I'm not an identical sock person, but I dislike yarns striping/spiraling on one sock and pooling on another.

This is Hatz 6, only about three inches done. It's that same tiger striped yarn I have so much of, mixed with solids. CO an uneven number of sts, st st for several rounds for a rolled brim, then introduce solid color yarn: two sts veriagated, two sts solid. The uneven number of sts moves the coloring around in a spiral.

Had another cold spell here yesterday. Only up to the mid 80s. Even turned the evaporative cooler off for a bit during the day. However it's already up to 76 at 8:00 am so I don't think it'll be "cold" today.

Isn't this a pretty hat? KnitterMan (aka Ray at Knitivity) is making hatz for his favorite charity, Covenant House. I think this is a great use of leftover yarns! I'm pretty sure he's making these on his knitting machine.

Ali, at Skeins Her Way is having a Summer Goals contest. Go over, check it out, sign up, and let me know what your goal is, too. I'm going to knit ten Hatz for Cheyenne River Reservation!

Is this not the cutest way to display yarn? Robin, Knit & Purl Mama, is really quite good with a camera!

f.pea has a cute free pattern for a little girlie thingie. Although she designed it with the frillies, I'm not so sure about them. Or, maybe they'd be okay in the same color... However, I'm sure to be in the minority on that in this household. Eldest Granddaughter would be thrilled with it!

Aren't these cute buttons? Turtlegirl got them with her most recent shipment of the Rockin' Sock Club at Blue Moon Fibers. I think there is a future for knitting bags, coffee cups.... Midnight Star has some really neat lists of famous people that are know to have or it has been theorized due to accounts of their behavior, have Asperger's Syndrome.


  1. Lizzie, love the hat. It matches the mittens on my Ravelry that you added to your favorites.

    I agree, the ruffles on the dress in the same color would be nicer.

  2. Those Art School Socks are snazzy!


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