Monday, June 9, 2008

Hatz and Peeves

I finished up the leftover sock yarn hat. I really love all the colors in it. Although there are equal amounts of purple and pink, it really looks pink!

Obviously I didn't finish the second Mittnz of pair 50. However, I do CO last night and it's about half finished. So will probably be finished tonight. I still want to work on "something else". I've been trying not to CO anything new, as I really have so many projects that need to be finished or frogged. Discipline....

Somedays ya just get tired of the misuse of the English language. I think Ann reached her limit. What do you think? What gets me is that if one, gently or otherwise, points out the error, everyone jumps on one's case insisting that proper use of the English language is not essential to belonging to this list or that list. Obviously...

I'm a big fan of Ghost Hunters. It's just fun to watch and every once and awhile I get to see something that looks spooky. The founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) are Grant and Jay. Jay does much of the talking, always including his partner. His sentences generally begin with, "Me and Grant...." Drives me nuts! However, enough people must have finally pointed it out to him. I've noticed in the last several new episodes, Jay finally says, "Grant and I". I wonder how long it took him to break that habit. Especially with out Miss Kennedy. And as I continued to read through my blogs: "Me and *bleep* had a bunch of adventures yesterday." And from another, "It was the best thing I ate for days."

Miss Kennedy was my sixth grade teacher. Mike Saukry had his desk moved to right in front of her podium. Her podium was armed with a four foot wooden pointer. Now Mike liked to say, "Ummmm...." before each thought. Mike's head and wooden pointer got to be very good friends. In Miss Kennedy's defense, she never hit him hard-just a tap-she always smiled when she did it, and by the time we finished sixth grade, Mike didn't say, "Ummm...." at all. Of course, today, Miss Kennedy would loose her job for physical abuse of a child. And, in all honesty, I can't say it would be wrong. Somehow, I don't think putting a mark on the board under Mike's name would have the same impact.

These are really cute booties. I know the pattern has been going around the knitting circles, but has anyone made them? Do they stay on the baby's feet?

Home made Oreos! Heaven!

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  1. I also don't like to hear incorrect English. However, with all of the world's problems, it is not on my list of pet peeves.

    When daughters were young, I told them if a teacher ever hit them (or whatever) they were to leave and I would deal with it. Good thing... a teacher got angrier than usual and broke a student's nose. (He got fired.) Well, that could easily be a blogging topic for me some day.


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