Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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I tried out SoxPixie's pattern. And of course, I couldn't just follow it. I really dislike doing garter stitch in the round, so I did st st. And I added a cuff so they would stay on the baby's feet. The opinion over at Native American Support was that made as designed, they wouldn't stay on and needed ties or a cuff.

The sole is made out of a cotton/wool blend yarn I had dyed many years ago. The wool of course, took the Kool Aid dye, but the cotton didn't. Gave it a nice heathery orange/pink effect. The rest of the sock is two strands of sock yarn...left over Art School from Knitivity and the left over purple from the hat. The second one is CO and about half finished.

I've been looking over my list of UFOs and have decided to visit the frog pond today. Some of them I started cuz I wanted to start something and some are just not needed anymore. I'll let you know who the dearly deceased are tomorrow.

We had a long discussion/argument last night about money. It's really hard to teach someone who has never really had to tighten the belt what tightening the belt really means. The "giving things up" part just doesn't gel well. For instance.... We have three cell phones on just about the highest plan they have. Two of the three of us avoid using the phone for chatting. We text, but don't like to "chat." The other, talks incessantly. The idea of not chatting, going to a less expensive plan is just not something that can be understood easily.

We have cable and two DVRs. We love TV and can't always watch shows as they are broadcast. The idea of cutting back to one DVR and using the VHS to record a show if there are more than two on at the same time...it kills me. But I'll do it, if the phone gets cut back. We can't live without the internet at this point. And as my son pointed out, many of the shows we watch show up on-line.... That makes it a bit easier for me. I did cancel Showtime and hopefully we'll be able to afford it again when Dexter and The Tudors come back on.

Thank goodness for public libraries. What a wealth of books, tapes, DVDs, magazines, newspapers....

If anyone ever asks you why you have so much yarn....this is why. Buy when you can and store for when you can't.

So what are you doing to make it through this economic disaster?

A local knitter finished a sweater front for Hillary.... I hope the camera distorted the colors....


  1. It's tough to make others in a family tighten their belts but sometimes you just absolutely have to. Enjoy the "fat days" when you can and then when the lean days arrive, you know the "fat days" will eventually return.

  2. I reached adulthood during the Carter years. This isn't a true oil crisis YET (remember the shortages?), but I am driving slower and try not to drive at all on weekends. Eating out less, buying less, just cutting back in general. Besides, I feel like I already have all the stuff I need. Re cell phones, I rarely use mine, so I have a prepay plan with T-Mobile. The first year, it cost me $100, since then about $25 per year. The downside is their "nationwide" coverage - doesn't work off the beaten path.


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