Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Only one...

I only got one Mittnz done yesterday. And that was my goal, so I guess it's okay. :) These are a popular crochet mitten pattern. They really go very fast. There are several copies of this pattern all over. Most of the ones I've seen use a single crochet and a slip stitch. I substituted a half double crochet for the single and a single for the slip. Larger sizes, more stretch...win-win.

Well, I think summer has arrived. It was over a hundred degrees yesterday, forecast of 102 today. Now guess what Thursday is supposed to be... Give up? Seventy-five degrees. They are supposed to service the cooler today. That's cooler, not AC. We don't have AC except for the window units in two of the bedrooms. We have evaporative cooling. Helpful, but not so much. Better by a little than nothing. Honey, it's hot here!

I worked a bit on my Bones second sock yesterday. It was just kinda hot to knit past 10 o'clock.


  1. Lizzie, keep it up with the mitts. Great job!

  2. You've been so busy! I've heard it's really getting hot there, so I don't blame you for not really being in the mood to knit or crochet.


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