Monday, May 19, 2008

Mittnz MIssion Accomplished

There are 8 more pairs of Mittnz to add to my total. All crocheted, six pairs of muffatees, two pair mittnz, one infant and one toddler.

I might be the last in the world to see this, but Google has a book search! I don't know why that surprises me, they have a search for everything! This will make it so much easier to share books with you!

Want to learn to knit backwards? Are you sure? No more purling?


  1. The amount of items you produce is amazing! You met your goal...congratulations!

  2. Amazes me how you got so many done. Congrats on doing so well Lizzie :o)

    Strange thing was I was just wondering how to knit backwards the other day after my Mum mentioned she used to do it. Thanks for the video now I know

  3. There you go with the cool links again! Thanks. I didn't know about the Google book search, either.


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