Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Road Trip!!!!

F and I drove to Glendale yesterday to pick up his pottery wheel. Nothing major in the drive except we got lost after dropping B off at work and trying to find the interstate. F and I disagreed at every intersection as to which way to turn. I should know that I'm usually 98%

wrong when I choose. We did end up taking the "back way" to Phoenix through Apache Junction. Don't know that it added all that much to our trip time, but it's hard to tell as we got into a traffic jam in, of all places, Apache Junction. By the time we got to where it cleared up, there was nothing to indicate what had impeded the traffic flow.

After picking up the wheel, we stopped at this independent family type restaurant. I ordered the special, Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken. Two minutes later : "Did you want the chicken with that? It's a dollar extra." "Yes." (I mean, what is Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken without the chicken???) One minute after that: "Sorry we're all out of the Angel Food with Chicken."(That's not a typo. She actually said, "Angel Food with Chicken" which made me really glad they were out of it!) "I'll have a ham sandwich then." So we get our sandwiches. No chips, no fries, no nothing but the sandwich. Oh well.... Then she brought the check with two Hershey's kisses. Nice touch except one of the pieces of candy was halfway unwrapped. No thanks...

After that we drove to Mesa and stopped in at The Fiber Factory. What a disappointment. They had moved and downscaled. Now it's just a regular LYS with a couple looms, a couple spinning wheels and a whole lot less yarn than they used to have. However, on the up side, their supply of knitting books is huge! So, I bought the final book in my EZ collection, Knitting Around.

All in all though, it was great fun and we both felt the joy of leaving the city limits and going on a "road trip", even if it was only 110 miles one way!


  1. Wonder how long that restaurant will stay in business! Yuck! Nice trip away from home for awhile, though!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful Arizona sky picture!
    And "oh no!" - Fiber Factory has been downscaled? I went there a few years ago and was astounded by all the weaving supplies. And yes - they do have a huge library of books to choose from. I bought several too :)

  3. I hope EZ was a comfort after your detour, the terrible lunch, and a fiber disappointment!

  4. Sounds like one of those days that isn't much fun at the time, but makes for great story-telling later. I hope F has fun with his wheel!


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