Thursday, April 3, 2008

Planes, Trains and Birthdays

Well, not much new in my world. Yesterday was filled with grocery shopping and then re-grocery shopping for everything that was forgotten.

I'm the only one in the family that knows how to write things down on the grocery list when we run out of them. And the stuff that doesn't get written down is stuff I wouldn't use anyway, so don't think about buying until the whining starts cuz we are out of _____________!

I did get a bit of knitting down on some muffatees. I like the way these are turning out. Again, it's just a rectangle, but these are designed from side to side, so the stripes will run from fingers to wrist.

I did six rows (three ridges) of garter stitch in brown. Then add one knit row and one purl row of black. Then four rows (two ridges) of brown, then one knit row and one purl row of black. The garter stitch is raised and the st st is recessed and it makes a nice textured pattern. One could do it all in one color for just the texture. I've got another pair in my upstairs knitting basket that is black with a hot pink accent.

I'm using ww yarn, CO on around 40 sts to make a nice long one that will keep the wrists warm.

Sixteen years ago today I was in labor with my last child. I generally didn't have any problems having babies (there were five before this one). But I just couldn't convince this kid to come out. Turns out, he had his hands and forearms in front of his face so there was quite a bit more than just a head to push out. Eventually, though, he did decide to grace us with his presence about 12 hours after the first hints of labor.

He was born at home with lots of friends and family in attendance and a big turkey dinner with all the fixin's cooking for the celebratory dinner. He and I slept out on the futon in the living room where he was born while older sibs made nests all over the couches and chairs to sleep out there with us. It was a good day.

And now he's sixteen. And flying out to meet his dad in Atlanta and then fly on to Nashville to spend a few days with his older brother and family. His carry on luggage consists of two game systems (XBox 360 and Wii) and his checked luggage holds his guitar for Rock Band. (There may be clothes in there, too, but I wouldn't count on it.) His brother's a geek, too! They will have fun. Happy Birthday, Youngest Son!

Pregnancy test for geeks. It's real!

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  1. And it's a Happy Birthday to you also. You did all the work!!!

  2. Congrats to you as well -- he's so handsome! I love a teenage boys packing list! Toothbrush? Deoderant? PJS? Socks? NO WAY!


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