Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Mittnz

True to my word, I finished up the second thumb first thing once I settled down to knit. Pair ten is finished.

I immediately CO on the next pair, and just kept knitting. Granted they are small, thumbless mitts for a baby, but I had a small amount of this yarn so it worked out just perfect and Mittnz pair 11 is finished, too! The yarn is home dyed using Wilton's Food Color paste. Wilton's tends to split when you use the mixed colors, like purple, brown, etc. All three colors shown here came from the same dyeing pot with the yarn all put in at the same time. Some of it turns purple, some blue, some blue violet, some more reddish violet, just all kinds of colors. There is a way to prevent it, but, hey, it's so pretty with all the different colors!

By the time I finished these, it was time to clean up and start supper. When next I sat down to knit, I was watching NCIS and working on Presto Chango. I only have about six inches of the front right side to finish. Then seam up the sides and underarms. Then the front panel which should be relatively easy once I figure out how to adjust the size.

Briley's having a contest with some really nifty prizes. Go on over and see if you can Name That Fiber! Oh, and please tell him I sent you!


  1. Great mittnz, Lizzie! Love your multi-colored purple yarn, too.

  2. Nice looking mittens! You are so good about accomplishing your goals.


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