Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mittnz: Muffatee Recipe

I finally finished the second muffatee from my downstairs projects. These were really simple to do.

With Color A (brown) CO 40 sts, knit 6 rows of garter. *Change to Color B (black). Knit one row, purl one row. Switch back to Color A and knit four rows.* Repeat * to * until there are seven stripes of Color B. Bind off, sew up side seams leaving an opening for the thumb. I added a crocheted edge on the bottom to cover up the mess left by carrying yarns when changing colors.

Of course, the numbers can be changed to fit your needs. And it's not necessary to change colors if you don't want. I like these cuz they stretch nicely and don't required hours of ribbing. I really hate ribbing....

I've CO the next pair of Mittnz using Mariella's Sideways Wristers recipe. It, too is knit flat but has a thumb gusset added.

Now that there is room and it's nice out in back, I've started spinning again. Not spending huge amounts of time out there doing it, but I am getting some done while Youngest Granddaughter is out playing. I grab my little MP3 player and it's speaker and listen to the book du jour while adding a few yards of yarn to the bobbin. Eventually I'll get all the black and white Ramboulet spun!
I found out recently our public library offers books on line for kids, too. They can be read by the child, read to the child with or without the print showing on the computer screen. Eldest Granddaughter spent a great amount of time reading a book just hard enough to challenge her yesterday. I personally hate to read books on the computer, but she seemed to enjoy herself.


  1. Looks great! What "weight" yarn are you spinning?

  2. Reading is reading, and it's all good - but there's something magical to me about the weight of the book in my hands, the smell of the paper and the ink...

    Your muffatees are great!

  3. Your muffatees are great. My huband reads book on his PDA and it dries me crasy. I love books with pages too!


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