Monday, April 14, 2008

Initial Mittnz Challenge Done!

Okay, to be in the running for prizes for Mittnz one must mail eight pair of hand warming items to the Cheyenne River Reservation during the last week of September. I've made mine! As you can see, I've paired up all my muffatees with Magic Gloves (you know, the ones that look like they would fit a six year old, but magically stretch to fit an adult). They are thin gloves with a very, very, very short cuff and certainly are fine for cool days, but not cold ones. Paired up with muffatees, though, I think by virtue that most of the hand and wrist are warm, the finger tips will be okay and one can still hold on to small things a bit easier than with mittens.

My list is:
  • Two Pair Baby mittens made from two strands of sock yarn
  • One Pair Adolescent/Small Adult Mittnz
  • Five Pair Adolescent/Small Adult Muffatees paired with Magic Gloves
Now lest you think that means no more Mittnz knitting, there are more to be made. We are trying to surpass our numbers for last year (405 pairs) and see that (600) pairs are sent. Please help us! Join us at the Yahoo Group or the Ravelry Group and knit a pair or two with us. It gets very cold on the plains of South Dakota. Everyone from newborns to the Elders need hand warmers.

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  1. Impressive collection! There are going to be many grateful recipients! So good of you to knit for charity!


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