Friday, April 11, 2008

Hodge Podge

I finished up my 6 x 25 inch section on the Log Cabin charity blanket and got it mailed off. Now I have a 6 x 18 inch section to do on another blanket. I'm about two inches into that. It's brainless knitting...seemingly endless rows of garter stitch, but that's okay as I can listen to my current book or watch a movie while I do it.

I got a Netflix envelope yesterday, so hope to be watching The Invisible. Will let you know what I think tomorrow.

And I've found a new author(s)--Jefferson Bass. JB is a writing team, Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson. I'm reading their first book, Carved in Bone. The main character, Bill Brockton is the founder of the Body Farm made famous in a Patricia Cornwall novel of the same name, as well as the head of the anthropology department at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Bass is the founder of the forensic study area. The study how corpses decompose under various conditions. This information is use to help identify bodies and solve crimes.

I loved Patricia Conwall's novels about Kay Scarpetta, an ME who solves murders. Until the last few books which have been so dark and unhappy I've pretty much given up on her. But that's another story. Bass' novel is not for the queasy, but it's pretty good. Bill Brockton is a human being; one that deals with all kinds of bodies in all kinds of states of decay, but looses his lunch when he witnesses a cock fight. He is living in denial since his wife's death a couple years ago and can't sleep most nights. He's a bit naive when some of his young female students come on to him. IOW, he's a likeable guy. If you like forensic stories with great characters, you might want to check out Jefferson Bass' Carved in Bone. I'll be checking out the next two novels, too!

After dropping Eldest Granddaughter off at school yesterday, Youngest Granddaughter and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up supplies for the bean soup I was making and then headed over next door to Big Lots! Just to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. Although it's not a dollar store, stuff is cheap. and lots of it brand names. Contrary to popular belief there is something wrong with the merchandise that shows up in these stores, much of it is the result of overstocks, packaging changes, etc.

I found a couple things, the most important of which was this cute little speaker for my MP3 player. I love my MP3 player, but sometimes earplugs/phones are not a good thing--like in the car. So now I have little speakers for $6 and I can carry my player with me, hang it up above my desk, or on the rear view mirror in the car and continue to listen to my book du jour! I'm a happy camper!

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  1. Well this is all to wierd..

    I'm reading thru the Temperance Brennen books by Kathy Reichs right now. Thanks for the lead to Jeff Bass - sounds like my kind of read.

    Yesterday I went to Big Lots!

    And I just received my RED Zen Stone yesterday via UPS.....


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