Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back Yard

I didn't get much knitting done yesterday. After picking up the house (and yes, it was heavy!) I cleaned up the back yard. Took a bunch of stuff to storage that has been here since we moved in thinking I might need or want it. After 18 months, I guess I won't need any of it that fast.

So our little patio is much bigger now with all that "stuff" gone. I swept it all off, and rearranged the patio furniture. Now we have a nice little area for morning coffee or a beer after work. The lemon and grapefruit trees provide a nice shade and keeps the temperature down somewhat. I imagine it'll be too hot to use during the day in the summer, and possibly in the evening. But it's nice for a cup of coffee, a bagel and a good book in the morning.

Then we decided to tackle the dog. I have a chow. They have fur. Tons of it. and at season change they loose a lot of the undercoat (the fluff I often collect and spin). We brushed and trimmed off hair mats, and used the trimmer on her. She looks pathetic now. We weren't clipping for show, just to get rid of the extra stuff. She's pretty ragged, but much of her "stuffin" is gone. Will work on it more and then give her a bath in the next week.

I worked on my Art School Sock last night. I decided to put in an afterthought heel using Dawn Brocco's technique. And perhaps the toe, too. I like afterthought heels, but they never really look good to me. And I like star/round toes so we'll see how these work out. I like the way the color is patterning in this sock, and if I used an afterthought heel, the pattern won't be interrupted by the change in the number of sts during the gusset decreases. IOW, I'll keep the same stitch count from cuff to the beginning of the toe, which should insure the color swirls stay the same. In theory.... It all really depends on the dye job staying consistent.

I did CO one of the mates to the two different muffatees I've got hanging around for Mittnz.

I watched The Invisible yesterday morning. Ho hum.... not that good, but not a total waste. A good reminder to think twice and not shoot at all. Don't spend money on it, but watch it if you need something to do while doing some easy knitting.


  1. You are getting a lot of knitting done! I'm envious. Enjoy your weekend. It's finally warm here in Vermont.

  2. I did a lot of cleaning up today, too! Then we had friends over. I always wait until guests are coming to clean, isn't that pathetic? LOL I finished a mittn finally! And started the mate this morning. Maybe I can finish it up tonight (they're the Gifted mittens on size 10.5 needles, so they go fast).

  3. I really love the colors in the Art School Socks! You can wear them w/anything! Is that yarn from Country Hill, too?

  4. The sock looks wonderful. Great Colours!


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