Friday, March 28, 2008

Knitting Fun

Mariella (another Mittnz knitter) read my post yesterday whining about the lack of pretty heavier weight yarns. She sent me this link to Grumperina's about combining several different yarns to create the look of creatively dyed yarns. I'd used the technique before, just forgotten about it. So I reacquainted my self with it and CO another muffatee. Although Grumperina's instructions take a bit to understand.... It's really easy.Just CO with color A and knit a few rounds. Then somewhere in the round, start with a new color, B. Really doesn't matter which color or where. Knit some stitches and then start another new color, C. Continue knitting around and adding new colors as you'd like, till you get to the spot where you dropped Color A. Now drop the color you're knitting with and pick up A and continue to knit to the next place you added a color. Drop A and pick up B and knit to C, drop B, pick up C and continue around and around and around.

Now, my next experiment is to take four different variegated yarns and do it. I think that will make a gorgeous color experiment some little kid (and several grandmothers I know) will absolutely adore!

We had a lot of flu at our house yesterday. So I retreated up to my room once Youngest Daughter started feeling better. Youngest Granddaughter was really sick (and would let no one but mama take care of her). Thankfully it's just a 24 hour bug. So I got some work done on my Confetti Socks. The pattern requires a bit of concentration, so the relative quietness of my room allowed me to get into the rhythm.

I like to read books that come in series. I like to get to know the characters, see them develop, share in their problems and triumphs. One of my favorites is the Anne McCaffrey Pern series. I've tried to read other series she'd written, but no go.... until I listened to the first of the Freedom Series: Freedom's Landing. I was hooked. Now I'm reading Freedom's Choice. Too bad there are only four books in the series.....


  1. Post-Easter jellybeans in that yellow sock...

  2. Sorry everyone's been sick! I hope everyone will be healthy again soon.

  3. love this confetti patttern! hope your family is feeling beter now!


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