Monday, March 31, 2008

Black Blobs

See, I debated whether or not to even take pics of black mittens...and then decided to try it out. Turned out just as I blobs! But they are done and someone's hands will be warmer for the effort.

I finished up the last book in Anne McCaffrey's Freedom Series. It was good, not as good as the first two, but good. If you like seeing humanity rise to the challenge and a little inter-species love, you'd enjoy these books. I wish there were more. In the Pern books, the detail was so fantastic because there were so many, so much more was shared. Because there are only four of these, I found myself missing McCaffrey's ability to completely transport me to where the characters are. Still, a good read.

And that was just about all I did yesterday. Knit, read, and run a couple errands. Today's plans?

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  1. Yes, I understand the "blob" thing. I have one black mitten completed and still have to knit the 2nd one and tried taking a picture. Very difficult! But we know yours must look great even if we can't see the detail.


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