Monday, February 4, 2008

Yes We Can!

Yes We Can! Believe.

Well, let's see....have you ever had to knit your words? Or would it be frog them? Anyway, remember I said it wouldn't be any time soon that I'd knit the Waterloose socks again. I lied. But it wasn't an intentional lie.
I frogged the Mickey Mouse Bamboo Walking Socks I'd been working on. I'm not exactly sure why, but, I did. And I CO the Waterloose Socks with the yarn. So far, no frogging!

And I spent several hours graphing out the BMP Socks into a hat pattern. Boy! It wasn't hard, just time consuming getting all the spacing correct, etc. So, now when I can go get the yarn I want to use (Paton's Shetland Chunky) I can start them. I don't want to do the Fair Isle in the round as there are lots of isolated areas of color. So I'll CO using a provisional cast on, knit the Fair Isle flat, join do the decreases in the round. Then go back and add the ribbing in the round, with only the body of the hat to be seamed. At least that's my plan today.

Feels like a spinning day today. The rain storm they've been promising/warning about for the last couple days just hit. It's a hard rain, too, which is rare. The higher elevations are supposed to get snow. So, I'm thinking, hot tea, soups and stuff like that there!

Eldest Granddaughter has the flu. 101.+ fever, sore throat, mucus build-up, bright know the drill. So far she feels pretty good but vacillates between being under the blanket and throwing it off. Don't plan to use any meds till maybe tonight so she can sleep if necessary. Always like to let the sicknesses run their course instead of covering up the symptoms. Does a body good to fight off the stuff. Onset of the sickness is kind of timely. Glad I don't have to go out in this weather!

Here's another unique little neck warmer called The Bainbridge Scarf.

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  1. Turn about is fair play! Nice to know someone reads my blog besides my mother!

    I did decide to rip out those socks, back to the heel flap; re-knit it while watching the Pats lose =[. I'm much happier with them. Normally I wouldn't care so much but they're kind of special, so it was worth it.

    Drop by again sometime, and I'll return the favor! Hope your DGD feels well soon. Awful when kids are sick.


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