Saturday, February 2, 2008

The yarn on the wheel goes round and round....

This is the mohair I've been spinning for the last couple of days. I decided to go ahead and wind it off, wash, and block yesterday. It's really pretty, has wonderful halo... It could make nice legs for socks...or a very pretty scarf. I need to finish spinning up the rest of it to see how much I have all together....

And I spun more of the Rambouillet. Probably half a bobbin. That was one ball of roving. I have five more balls to spin, so feasibly I could have these finished by this time next week, but.... I'm not going to set a deadline yet.

I had the whole evening to myself and decided I was going to finish the second Waterloose sock which was just at the end of the heel decreases. Well.... I did a stitch count and it was off by 8 sts. I thought I'd decreased too far. That wasn't it, I don't think. I am really not sure what it is, (except there is aYO at the end of the instep needle and I think...... ) but I ended up frogging it back to picking up the sts along the heel flap. OH well.... It's a good thing they only have to be to the finishing point next month before I go to TN.

So, I got about three rounds done on the heel decreases, but I'm back on track, the count is correct and it's much better I discovered it then instead of at the toe!

My youngest grand daughter really, really hates to wear clothes. She spends most of her days in just a diaper. It's still cold here, especially the floors and she's barefoot. The house temperature varies between 64 and 68 degrees. There is no insulation or draft protection around the windows in old houses out here in the desert. IOW, the heat comes out of the heater and goes out the cracks around the windows. So we can't afford to run the heater to contribute to global warming outside the house. :::sigh::: Now, if one wears a layer or two of clothing, wool socks, and nice fulled slippers, it's livable in the house.

Anyway, she hates to wear clothes. Sometimes, she'll wear knit jammies. So momma bought her a new pair yesterday. So far so good.


  1. Your mohair is so bright and cheerful! Looking at those colors makes me smile. I hope your little cutie keeps her jammies on! She sure looks sweet in them.

  2. I love the mohair. great colors. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. The mohair looks great. Your little grandaughter is so cute in those jammies. I'm getting excited for you for your trip to Tennessee. Maybe you'll get a chance to also check out a LYS while you are there.

  4. Fourth in line - I love the mohair - the white really makes the other colors beautiful - and I love color.


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