Thursday, February 21, 2008

Warm Feet and Meatballs

I got one more Heet the Feet sock done and it's partner half done. It'll get finished up this morning and I can go back to regularly scheduled knitting!

And that's all the knitting I did yesterday. Wednesdays are always a short day for me as Eldest Granddaughter gets out of school an hour early. I'm programmed to catch up on housework, start dinner, etc., when she gets home from school. I channeled that programming into Peanut Butter Cookies! And encouraging Youngest Son to make dinner. He did a great job! Homemade Meatballs and Homemade Spaghetti sauce for Spaghetti and Meatballs! Both were totally excellent!

Wednesday nights is our weekly write to the grandsons in Hawaii night. So we dutifully wrote out letters. Youngest Granddaughter uses crayons and does a great job for a two year old. She says letter names (learned from Word World and Sesame Street on PBS) while she "writes." Eldest Granddaughter writes several sentances (not being too adept at punctuation). I'm glad I'm not the one that has decipher them. :) And I forgot to tell you the latest saga. Eldest Daughter is moving to Hawaii, too, now. She left on Tuesday for Texas to drive a U-Haul for the friends she used to live with here, and then next week will fly to Hilo to live with her boys and their father. I'm hoping it remains a friendly co-parenting lifestyle and she not one that failing memory would forget to remind her what a jerk he was to her. Not my life, but oh, how I worry.

Anyway, she'll be with the boys to temper the extreme disciplinarian the boys' father is. His own father was mentally abusive, so that's what he thinks a father should do, even though he hates his own dad for the way he was treated. Such a mess.... But I feel better that my daughter will be there to keep things at an even keel. AND, when Youngest Daughter complained to her sister that we'd been writing weekly to the boys and hadn't heard a thing from them, Eldest Daughter called the boys' dad and insisted he have them call us! So I finally got to talk to my grandsons! I was thrilled!

Here's another new-to-me knitting e-zine. And a brand new one for weavers.


  1. The worry never stops, does it? But good for ED that she was able to set up that phone call!

    The dinner sounds great - kudos to your son. :o) Love the little sock, too.

  2. The sock is so very cute! Can you just see a little, kicking foot in that sock. Glad you received that cherished phone call!


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