Friday, February 15, 2008


I finally insisted Youngest Song take off the Skully Socks I'd made for him. He loves them and wears them constantly. But they really needed to be washed....

So I did. And look what I found once they were clean! HOLES! So now were know where he wears them out...the balls of his feet and the heel flap. Guess who learns to darn this weekend! Glad I found that video last week. I have a vague idea on how to do this now!

BTW, these socks were made with Patons Shetland Chunky...which is like 75% acrylic.

Here's my progress pic on the Mickey Mouse Waterloose Sock 2. I have three more repeats on the pattern (5 rounds) and then start the st st for about 3 inches, then toe decreases. Really on the home stretch!

Well, after using my new MP3 player for a day, I've discerned that it doesn't hold a charge the way it's supposed to. I can get about 5 hours of continuous play and I should be getting around 9 hours. The 9 hours will pretty much cover my entire plane trip and 5 hours definitely won't. So, I'll return it today. Now that I think on it, this one was a return already. The container had been opened and taped up. I assumed it'd been opened and returned cuz it wasn't what the original purchaser wanted. I thought they (Target) had enough integrity not to put defective merchandise back on the shelf! Oh well, I'll get mine and maybe the Returns Clerk will put it in the defective bin instead of the restock bin.

Oldest and Youngest Son and I are going to see Jumper today. It's a good day for a movie: cold, raining and miserable! Nothing like a place to escape to!


  1. A hole in the sock!!! Yikes, that means they are loved. Do you have a "darning egg"? Extremely helpful in repairing socks.

  2. I just saw the darning video too! Perfect timing. You could get some of that reinforcemnt yarn to reknit the heels with. Post them when you finish -- I am cuuriuos about the process.


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