Monday, January 28, 2008

Shawls and Socks

I have been working on my Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl in the evenings. Thought I'd share a ketchup pic with you. Again, this is just half the shawl from center to end. Which creates the question: How big is a triangle shawl supposed to be? What's the average length from neck to point and from side to side. This one is now four feet from side to side (along the longest edge of the triangle) and 18 inches from back of the neck to tip (down the row of YO eyelets you can see on the right hand side of the pic). If I make it long enough to cover my ample bottom, I'm guessing the long side will be about 8 feet from to make the neck to tip measurement 3 feet. Does seem a bit much.... Yes it would be warm, but 8 feet... I'm just over 5 feet tall, so if the shawl is up to my neck in back, draping over my shoulders it'll be somewhere between my knees and ankles...

Can one add more to the point without adding width? If I make it shorter it'll be like this big arrow pointing down to my bottom which I'd really rather not draw attention to. The final answer of course might be that I just never wear it out of the house, but what fun is that?

Did some work on some socks yesterday, too. Remember my Mickey Mouse Socks I worked on while I was at Disneyland in Oct/Nov? Well I pulled it out of the mouse hole and started working on it. Got the heel decreases done and am working on the foot of the sock.

And I got the heel flap done on my DIL's 2nd Waterloose Socks. I'll turn the heel and begin the decreases today. The first sock is still attached to the ball of yarn I'm using on the second sock. I'll work until both socks are even, knitting off the first sock if I have to. Then I'll put them away until I go to Tennessee. At that point DIL can try them on so I'm sure they fit.


  1. Lizzie.....the knitting looks great! (as usual!)

  2. You've sure been busy! Good luck with the shawl... I want to make a circular one to avoid that very dilemma of the point arrowing downwards...

    Just turned the heel on my first worsted sock. Now it's time for bed.


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