Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Knitting and Potato Soup

I spent the day with F yesterday. We knit and talked and knit and had his wonderful home made Potato Leek Soup (Cock-a-Leekie). Everything was wonderful! :) I finished one more Heet the Feet slipper and got the sole done on a second. We struggled to figure out how to add the collar/placket to his Kyle sweater. The placket is too short and we can't figure out how to sew it in...where to keep the seam straight and where to start easing it. There is so much to ease I'm thinking it'll bunch on such a stretchy fabric. Or he could just the knit a couple more inches and we don't bother easing it... It's supposed to lie flat according to the picture....

And we tackled the shawl question I posed to lengthen my shawl without adding any more width. The pattern has a increase on each end of the shawl width and two increases at the tip. So we decided if I quit increasing at each end and just did the increases at the tip, it should lengthen without adding width. We'll see....

I'm getting the urge to start a new project. Hmmm I could spin today and that would keep me from having one project OTN.I have some gorgeous Black and White Ramboullet I bought quite awhile ago that I've been meaning to work on. I have 16 ounces which is enough for a pair of mittens and a hat..... or maybe something else if I combine the spun yarn with another yarn.... Don't need to worry about that now, it'll take awhile to spin it all.

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  1. You're really going great on those Heet the Feet! I need to finish up this pair of worsted socks. Good luck to F, and happy spinning.


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