Saturday, January 26, 2008

And the nominees are....

Here is my alphabetical list of blogging friends I would like to honor with the "You Make My Day" award. Now each of them must list ten blogging friends and pass the honor along!

  • Bag of Chocolates Amy, along with Joansie (who gave me the award) is one of my earliest blogging friends. She's a fantastic(in no particular order) knitter, artist, mother, wife and baker (who knew?) She live in Israel and I enjoy her stories about knitting, traveling to Jerusalem, and basketball games.
  • Celtic Memory Yarns Jo lives in Ireland and provides photos that touch the romantic in me. She has goreous knits in wonderful photos as well as a sprinkling of her home and life that lets me travel far away from the desert.
  • House Arrest Liz had twins last May. And she still knits. I started reading her blog before the Aden and Hunter were born and enjoyed her narrative on her pregnancy, the birth, and the ups and downs of lving iwth brand new twins.
  • Joansie rates right up at the top of my blog reading list. She's been a great blogging friend, shared many patterns, techniques and just plain good knittin' advice ever since I met her. She's a fantastic photographer and it's always a joy to visit her via her blog. We share a lot of "family issues" and is always there to give me a boost.
  • Knitman Colin makes the most amazing socks and sweaters. And we won't even discuss the cutest puppies in the world. :) I can identify with his trials in living life which makes me feel he is a kindred spirit in many ways. I heal as I see him heal.
  • KnitterMan Ray is a Katrina survivor who used his relocation to Texas as a way to begin a new life. He now is the hand dyer of the most gorgeous yarns. I'm always inspired by people who make the most out of what Providence provides. Ray's blog just fun to read--a great mixture of triumph and challenges!
  • Little Cricket This blog belongs to my best friend, Frank. I taught him to knit, oh, a little over a year ago, I think. He worked so hard on his first learning piece he wore the paint off his needles in less than a week. In many ways his skills already are more advanced than mine simply because he lives by the motto, "How hard can it be?"
  • Panhand Portals Jane has a wonderful combination of literature and knitting that makes me wish she'd post three or four times a day. Not to mention her blog site is just calming to view.
  • Queer Joe's Knitting Blog Joe has a great combination of knitting, spinning with a little literature, politics and fun thrown in. He produces some of the most gorgeous knitting items I've ever seen.
  • Sheep Shots Ann can be counted on to give an acerbic twist to everything! But don't doubt her generous nature hidden under all that acid. She does more charity work than anyone I've ever come across.
  • Wicked Woolens Sally has the most interesting hats on her blog, many of which are historically linked. I am always tickled when I find a post from her in my reader.
"How was Sweeny Todd?" you ask. First of all, don't take your children. It's really graphic. And I mean really graphic. And the themes would be questionable for children on several accounts. However, it was fantastic. Dark, messy, insane, but fantastic. Probably the best gothic type movie the Burton/Depp team has made. I'd love to see the play! And here's a knitting pattern from the movie. There wasn't a lot of knitting I noticed beyond this scarf and Mr. T's garter stitch muffatees.

Didn't get too much knitting done. Forgot to take any knitting with me to the movie, but in retrospect, I'd never have been able to knit through it. It grabbed my total attention. If I'd not eaten my popcorn during the previews, I'd have forgotten to eat it at all. (And if you knew me....I mean, really, if you can't have popcorn at the movies, why go?)

I did work on my F & F comfort shawl (link in the side bar) for awhile. I was afraid I'd not be able to read my cryptic notes on how to continue the pattern as the shawl expands, but I could and I did! It's long enough now it takes about 20-30 minutes to knit a row. Not my usual cup of tea, but I was listening to a new thriller book, so the relatively brainless knitting for five of the six rows was a good thing. I also worked on the Waterloose socks, too. Darling Grand Daughter pulled out a needle yet again from them, so had to frog back to a round of straight knitting in order to get the count right, etc. Suppose I should move the knitting bag out of her reach????

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm honored by your comments. :) My day isn't complete unless I read your blog, too. I am still working on the list of people I want to give the award.

    Liat insisted, after seeing the trailer here on your blog, that the actor who plays Snape is the judge in Sweeny Todd. She just checked online and it turns out she's right. Not sure I want her to see the movie, though - she is susceptible to nightmares.

    I can't wait to check out the bloggers/blogs you mention. I am only familiar with a few of them.

  2. I have no idea what I ought to say except to say thank you ever so much.

  3. Thank you so much, Lizzie. I am honored to not only get the award but to be your blogging friend as well. Your new blog site looks so great (thanks for the larger print) and I especially love the countdown clock to visit your grandson.........yipeeeee!!!

  4. Gee thanks for the VERY kind words.

    You've selected some extremely good examples, and I'm glad to be among them.

    Thanks also for pointing me this way to see it.


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