Thursday, December 20, 2007


The tree is actually a FO, finally. The kids had great fun decorating last night while Youngest Daughter pointed out places that needed "something". Somewhere there are a couple more boxes of Christmas stuff, but enough for now.
F & F Comfort Shawl 3

Here's my progress on the shawl. At one point I had to frog it back to the burgundy because I'd miscounted. Now I've developed another system for keeping track of where I am, so I'll not have that problem anymore.

Tomten Jacket

And this is the first 11 ridges on the Tomten Jacket. Got most of this done while waiting for my eye appointment. I checked in 30 minutes early and they were still 30 minutes late on calling me. Lots of knitting time then and while waiting for the dilating to take effect. No changes in my eyes at all...everything looks like it has for the last three or four years.

Youngest Daughter is going back to work today. She's quit recycling food and just has a bad cough. Today is Thursday which means I have to pick up one of my grandsons and family friend from kindergarten at noon and watch till 3:00 when the older kids get out. "Family Friend" is a little girl that talks (and tattles) incessantly. OMG.... I'm totally wiped out by the time I drop them off. This will probably be the last Thursday I have to do it. As far as I know, they are moving to Houston over the Christmas break. Unfortunately my Eldest Daughter and two grandsons are following them in the spring. I'm sick about it, but I guess lots of people have children living all over the US. I just never planned on it happening to me....

On the up side, my son and his wife have invited me to come visit in March. I haven't seen their son, my youngest grandson since he was born last December. His first birthday party is this Saturday.... :::heavy sigh:::

Gee, this turned downhill suddenly. I hope to CO the second Skully Sock today. But with all the hoop de la, I'm not hopeful.

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