Saturday, December 8, 2007


Guess what I finally taught myself? Colorwork...Fair Isle or stranded knitting to be exact. And as is generally the case, it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it
Colorwork 2
would be! I especially love the contrast with the variegated yarn and the black. Stained glass! My inspiration was a couple of purchases yesterday. I added another book to my Elizabeth Zimmerman collection: Knitting Workshop. Although some of her instructions are a bit cryptic, what she does preach is to "just try it" and "it's not that hard to do". So, I tried it. And it's not that hard to do! Now I need to try it using a graph and see what I can accomplish! Then on to Intarsia!

The other purchase was this yummy yarn. It's not the yarn I used in the

learning piece above, but very similar. It's an acrylic and it just caught my eye as I was leaving the store. Impulse purchases are good for the soul!

Here's the progress on the Short Row Rib scarf I was having so much fun with.

Short Row Rib 2
That new yarn would look way cool in this pattern!

I've not worked on the Work Socks for awhile now. I think I was just tired of plain old st st in really dark grey. Not exciting enough. Had to have some color. I need to get out my timer and work for 30 minutes on the socks and then 30 minutes on something else.

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