Friday, December 28, 2007

Charity Knitting Again

It's time to pick up my Charity knitting. I am moderating a group on and on Ravelry to make Log Cabin baby blankets for charity. It's a round robin type group. Each of us starts the center portion, mails it to the next one in line. That knitter adds a portion and mails it on. As it makes the rounds it grows larger and larger till it's done. (If you'd like to join us, just let me know.)

This pic is of
my own Log Cabin. It's been alive for a long time now and still isn't finished. Makes a good brainless knitting project.

I finished my first two squares for the 2008 Log Cabin knitting. Some of us are doing both knitted and crocheted blankets. Sometime around mid January I'll mail these out to the next person on the list.

I also worked some on my Tomten Jacket. I'm just about done with the skein of variegated yarn so will have to add a different color to go along with the pink strand. I have about 5 ridges to do before creating the arm holes. I understand how to do all of it, except adding the sleeves, so hopeful I can get someone that's done it before to add some explanation to EZ and Meg's instructions.

Today we're heading out to the movies: National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Reviews aren't that good, but hey, Nick Cage.... It can't be all bad. One review said it was a throwback to the family entertainment reminiscent of the '80s. I can live with that!


  1. I was going to comment on the baby blanket but then you mentioned Mr Cage and I quite forgot myself. I shall be seeing this film. I didn't know till I read this that there was a new one. Mr Cage is, well, appealing, shall we say?

  2. Hi Lizzie, it's good to see your still blogging. I haven't decided yet where I want to go, so my daughter is parking my previous posts on Multiply. If I can get used to it I will pprobably stay there. If not, I'll have to punt and maybe give Blogger a try. Nice knitting. Renate


I really am glad you're commenting. Please make sure I can find you by insuring you leave an e-mail address. It's so frustrating to have someone ask a question and no way to answer them! Thanks!