Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day!

I spent all day trying, yet again, to make fingerless gloves for my 2nd Son. And ya know, it doesn't take very long to frog those puppies when you realize it just ain't gonna happen! I got all the way to having the first finger finished when I realized it was just too primitive of a pattern and they weren't gonna fit him right anyway. Not to mention the needles were to small for the yarn and I was fighting to make them. And it was BLACK yarn!!!!!! Not gonna happen.

So I started another pair of mittens for one of the grands! Like socks, there is
Mittens Again 1
something so gratifying about making mittens. And they are a really fast knit, too. Once I figured out how to do the thumb gusset....piece of cake!

Eldest Son is coming over today for Turkey.... So that makes Eldest Son, Youngest Daughter (cook), Youngest Son and two Granddaughters for dinner. Other two kids have plans. It'll be a nice meal--turkey, dressing, fresh steamed green beans, smashed potatoes, and cheesecake!
Thanks to Apocaknits for this pic!


  1. Thanks for linking my blog! Glad you like the picture :D

  2. I love your knitting and photo's!
    i tired to email you but it bounced so here is what i wrote:Thank you for the link. However, it says nothing about stomach problems that i can see though it says plenty about MS. Unfortunately, it has no quoted sources or back ups either.
    Whatever, I am somewhat surprised that i even drank the stuff as I normally avoid anything unnatural. I have laid off it and I am improving. Not as quickly as I would like but still getting better.

    I think the combo of the grief, stress and this drink is what did me in.

    Thank you so much for your support though what has been a dreadful time for me. The comments form you and others have really been of tremendous help to me.


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