Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 20, 2007

The Woman in Black
The Woman in Black magnify

Last night, my friend F and his husband B, gave me my Christmas present. We went to go see The Woman in Black in a local production with a mutual friend of ours, David Alexander Johnson (r) playing the part of The Actor. It is a two man play, was very well done, and really is scary in parts. Of course we were in the front row and just feet away from the action. I crunched up my water bottle more than once!

I spent the afternoon with F, too, and managed to get quite a bit done and very little frogging on the Pinwheel sweater. Pic is on previous post to this one. Goddess willing and creek don't rise, I should be able to get most of the rest of it done this weekend.

I've put the gauntlets for N on hold until he comes over tomorrow night so I can make sure they are the right size. That leaves my ever continuing other projects: Grey Scarf, Strawberry Pie Shawl, and the Log Cabin scrapghan.

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