Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh, the Weather Outside is Wonderful!

Ray, at Knitivity, has always been one of my favorite indie dyers.  Especially because he loves to do custom dye jobs!   He once did a  red, yellow, black and white skein for me to make Mickey Mouse socks before a trip to Disneyland!  Check out his gorgeous ready mades, and then think if your knitting club, Purple Hat ladies, or church group would like to have their own custom colors!

The geek in me just has to have this.  T.A.R.D.I.S. Tea Cozy

Little Dryad would look stunning with some of Knitivity's yarns!

Lacy Cabled Sweater is just too pretty.  Cables will create nice shaping!

What fun combining fabric and knitting to make Folk Bags.

Gingerbread Cottage Hats.  So many possibilities.

Diagonal Lace Cuff2Cuff Sweater.  What a great design.

My favorite from todays perusal of Ravelry?
Sanquhar Cowl or Scarf

Sanquhar is a town in Scotland, noted for its distinctive two-color knitting.

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