Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday at the mall

Had an amazing time at the local bookstore yesterday and met yet another new knitting friend, A. She was the third "stranger" that approached me and wanted to join me or us in our knitting! (Of course, none of them are "strangers" anymore!) In fact friend, C and her hubby are having us over for a "Cuban" lunch today. A is working on the Shalom Cardigan. Isn't it gorgeous?

What's really interesting is the new friend, A, was supposed to meet up with a knitting group that never showed up. She said it was the most fortunate misfortune. As we discussed our lives and occupations, etc., it turns out she teaches one of my grandsons. How destined a meeting is that? Thank you, Universe, for sending another person into my life that shares so many common interests!

Of course, DL was there, too, and she CO another pair of socks while we were there. She just finished a gorgeous pair of lace socks for one of the teachers at her kids' school. I was finishing up my grandson's mittens! They are already on their way to him, so no new "FO" pics.

It's been raining, so I got to wear my clear rain boots yesterday to show off my tie-dye socks! A lady came up and asked me some serious questions about sock construction and you could see she was totally overwhelmed by the "magic" of it. Socks are way cool.

Nice and cold today. Raining again. Glad we have umbrellas. Let's see if I chicken out and take the bus or walk as usual in the rain....Update on facebook later!

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  1. Love that mitt. So glad you are meeting new knitters. That is always so much fun!


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