Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coffee is the nectar of the gods

Went out for coffee with my BFFs today. Knitted on socks and had great fun. A lady, just starting to knit again, came over to ask me to help her learn. Such a strange turn around from a few weeks ago when I was invisible.

At any rate, I'm excited about finding another knitting friend and know I will enjoy sharing with her, too.

I've been working on socks, and finished another pair today. Pics as soon as they are dry.

Great news on the home front. My Eldest Daughter and my grandsons moved home from Hawaii! They arrived as part of a surprise party for my Youngest Daughter on Tuesday. Surprised is an understatement. We have some good times together already and I'm so happy they are home.

Youngest Daughter had her appendix out on Friday night. She was feeling lousy all day and around dinner time I decided she needed to see a doctor. By midnight she was asleep and minus one appendix. She's fine though, was home by Sunday and back at school on Monday! Laproscopic surgery is amazing.

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