Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fairy Dress and more...

Isn't this gorgeous? I found it while perusing a copy of Creative Knitting at the local Borders. I'm thinking of it in a cotton with defined stripe changes rather than the flowing changes pictured here. It looks pretty straight forward in the knitting..... I would have liked it in the Crystal Palace new aran weight Mochi Plus, but I think I'm cured of that particular yarn.... (see below).I received this wonderful gift of yarn from an on-line knitter, Barbara P. Thanks so much....yummy stuff comin' from this gift! It's time to go back to school soon, so I've started some projects for my granddaughters. This is the youngest's new dress. She'll only wear sleeveless sun dresses (regardless of the weather) and if we're lucky we can get a pair of leggings underneath them. I didn't want to knit a whole dress, so I thought this would be cute.

And these are the ruined socks. I think I'll split the down the front of the leg so my granddaughter can put them on as house socks.....or I'll send them on to the rez for the same purpose.

I sent an e-mail to the company and the answer was to send me two balls of my choice of any of their yarns and "We do our best to avoid this kind of misunderstanding with the care instructions on the Mini Mochi label that say to machine wash gentle cycle with cool water and mild soap and to dry flat."

My response was. "I still don't think superwash should full like this. I know you feel giving your washing instructions should absolve you from the mismanagement of the socks on the knitter's part, but it really doesn't. I've knit over 70 pairs of socks. All from superwash sock yarns from various companies. This is the only yarn that has fulled to a point of uselessness. That is not what superwash is. I don't know where the failure in the manufacturing occurred, but I do know that there wasn't enough QC on your end. And we won't even go into the amount of knots in the yarn." I requested two balls of Panda Silk, color 4002.


  1. That is a beautiful sweater, but I'd have to lose a few pounds to wear it. I also like what you did with the little girl's dress. Really nice. Renate

  2. Great pattern...love it! The sundress is absolutely beautiful. Your grandaughter will feel very special wearing it.

    As for the yarn company...shame on them!

  3. Cute dress!!!! On small kids you could just cut off the top of a pillow case and make one!

  4. The dress is just adorable, you should make a few!

    Glad to hear you contacted the company, and got replacement yarn. Doesn't make up for your lost time, but atleast your not out time and money/yarn.

  5. That sweater looks very much like the designs developed by Iris Schreier, author of LACY LITTLE KNITS and MODULAR KNITS, co-author of EXQUISITE LITTLE KNITS, and co-founder of Artyarns. She has published a few of these sweaters in various magazines -- worthwhile looking for them. It's a very interesting and easy technique, but results in such fascinating lines! naay


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