Friday, July 24, 2009

Spinning again

This is some American Top I had and had dyed years ago, back when I first starting spinning. I realized I wasn't enjoying spinning what I had on the wheel, so I changed to something easier to get back in the groove, as it were.I've had to reteach myself to spin, as I didn't have energy or muscles when I learned and now I do. Slowing down my treadling to match my drafting or speeding up my drafting has been my quest the last few days. Although this isn't a balanced single by any means, it's usable yarn for hats or scarves, mittens or slippers.

This is the alpaca I scored at the Renaissance Festival some years ago. It's got lots of guide hairs in it still. I'm hoping washing and blocking will help.

I moved the spinning wheel up to my room, and if I sit in front of the AC, it's comfortable to spin. Hanging around with the knitting groups at my LYS is diversifying my interests.... I just need to keep from creating deadlines for myself. Silly as it may sound to you "normal" people, if I start branching out with my hobbies, I start to feel guilty for the projects not being worked on. Now, snoring WIPs of all the same area don't bother me, but knitting instead of spinning or crocheting instead of knitting does make me feel guilty. There is no rhyme or reason for this, it just is me. I'm hoping if I can keep myself from obsessing over one craft, I'll be able to do more. Retraining and old mind with OCD tendancies is a hard thing to do. And spending money on learning a new craft and then abandoning it is even worse.... Welcome to my world.

With that said, I'm sorta keeping up with my Mystery Project over on KnitBabySurprise. It's a hat and I just need to do the decreases. The second half of the project starts up tomorrow, I think.

Today the knitting group is having a pot luck at the store. Should be a tasty day!


  1. Your knitting group sounds pretty cool. I've not used my spinning wheel since I packed it to bring to my spinning group (sigh).


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