Sunday, July 19, 2009

EZ is Getting EZer

I got one sleeve of the Tomten about half done and decided I didn't like the method I'd used, so I frogged it all and put down the Tomten for the day...and am seriously considering leaving it as a vest.

However, that didn't mean I'd quit knitting. I started yet another EZ project: Square Shawl (February). The pattern is in both Knitter's Almanac and Knitting Workshop (available from Schoolhouse Press). I adapted it to a Magic Loop CO which is easier, IMHO, than trying to use four DPNs. EZ warns that knitting just st st will get boring and invites the knitter to insert lace patterns. So far, all I've been brave enough to do is add some YO, K2tgs and some rounds of purls to create garter stitch ridges. Maybe I'll sit down and figure out a motif or something..... Anyway, it's fun and pretty much mindless knitting with enough increases to break up the monotony.


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  1. Very pretty, Lizzie. Though I have the books, I didn't remember this pattern. Very interesting!


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