Sunday, July 12, 2009

BSJ Addict

My BSJ#2 is finished, washed and blocked! I have four of the five buttons I need for it, so will take another pic once they are all purchased and sewn on. I did an I-cord bind off around the front and bottom edges. I had used a provisional crochet CO so, also did an I cord bind off around the sleeves and across the shoulders and back to seam it together at the same time. Loop I-cord button closures. Size US8 needles with bulky yarn, Aarlan Sportiwo. More pictures and information on Ravelry. And this is BSJ#3. This will be the store sample for my LYS and the class I'm going to teach shortly. There has been a lot of interest in the knitting groups so we should have a bunch of BSJ/EZ converts soon! The yarn for this one is Crystal Palace's Bamboozle, a bamboo/cotton blend. It's very soft, a bit slick, bright colors that don't fade but a bit splitty. Size US5 needles makes a nice fabric that's not too firm, but holds it's shape well. More pics and information on Ravlery.Some thoughts about our reluctance to frog....

Only three more wake ups till Harry Potter!


  1. The BSJ looks great. I'm looking to knitting another after this one (the 3rd) is done. I'm also addicted and also thinking of knitting the BSJ rib warmer vest again.

  2. Thanks for link to my blog.
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    Hope all is well with you.



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