Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Bear Rib Warmer

I'm starting to speak EZ! I guess it just takes a certain amount of working with an EZ pattern to start to understand her language. Now, I'm not fluent in EZ yet, but getting there.This is the Baby Bear Rib Warmer, a scaled down version of the Rib Warmer. Unlike the BSJ, whose shaping is done with increases and decreases, all the shaping on the Rib Warmer is done with short rows. Following these directions, using a provisional cast-on, it again is basically knit in one piece and folds into the vest. Ingenious women, EZ and her daughter Meg Swanson!

I've tried several times to start this, but just didn't speak enough EZ to master it. This time with the help of the pictures on EZ Knitalong, I was able to play with it enough, trust EZ enough to figure it out. It's not finished yet, and there are more EZ instructions to decipher, but I'm confident I'll figure it out.

This one would fit a preemie or small full term baby, but the yarn is some scratchy stuff from my early on-line yarn buying days (can you say pig in a poke?). I may dye it when I'm done, but I'm sure it'll fit Teddy just fine and he won't complain about scratchiness at all!

I'm not much of a spindle spinner....but these Tilt-a-Whorl almost make me think about taking up the hobby again! And they are green---recycled stuff!

If Knitman isn't on reading list...remedy that. Funny, funny stuff along with some of the most gorgeous socks in the world...oh and some good puppy shorts on occasion!

Bamboo yarn is wonderful...soft and just a pleasant experience to work with. And, bamboo may be the new wonder plant for the planet.

One of the gals at our knitting group is making the Chevron Lace Cardigan for herself. It's such a pretty one, and my daughter was recently gifted with ten skeins of cotton so I think she's going to make it for herself. I may have to make one, too.

Some mythbusting on Autism. A must read.

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  1. Now you'll have to knit yourself one. They are really fun, never go out of style and an easy knit once you figure out what you need for a size. I've knit two of them and was just admiring mine last evening in my cedar chest for the winter.


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