Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exercise, Furniture and Swine Flu

Keep updated on the Swine Flu.

5/2/09: Your Weekly Address from White House on Vimeo.

The changes have started settling down. First and foremost, the Wii is fixed! My BFF said he'd try his hand at it. What did we have to loose? It would still cost us $85 to send it in for repair no matter what. Well, genius that he is, with the help of a special screwdriver, he took it apart, removed the offending piece of paper, reassembled, and VoilĂ ! I can exercise again!

All the old furniture we were getting rid of is pretty much gone and the new to us stuff is here. Much of it just stacked around the living room, but.... I got a pillowtop bed. Yummy! and a two seat bench, a glass door stereo cabinet that is full of yarn, and a full spectrum floor lamp! I am really surprised how much clearer my knitting is now!Other furniture includes two big dressers with a mirror for my daughter, somewhat usable big TV for youngest son, a queen size hideabed, lounger, end tables, china cabinet, heavy wood TV tray set, and two nice wood veneer file cabinets (also full of fiber projects). A couple of pieces of faux Corningware, and this gorgeous afghan. It's Tunisian Crochet (done with those long crochet hooks with a hook on each end) and all the flowers are hand cross stitched on it. Very pretty!I have doctor appointments this week so we'll see how successful my first 90 days of my new life style has been. I've lost +/-30 lbs, my blood sugar numbers are well within the normal range, and my blood pressure is way down (last time I took it about three weeks ago it was 114/70). I've gone from dragging myself up the stairs to just about running up them, have gone down two clothing sizes (including all my skirts and dresses are too long as there is less tummy and butt for them to go over), found muscles I didn't know I had and feel a whole lot better. Now just to get "official" confirmation from the lab.

OTN? Finishing up the Confetti socks. I'm working on the gusset on sock #2. Still have two different sets of handwarms OTN, but found some yarn that will work for the second one of one set. Now just need to get working on them.

Life is better.


  1. I'm so glad things are going well for you. That afghan is lovely indeed. Keep up the good work!

  2. WTG on the Eii being mended. Sounds like you are doing very well lately Lizzie and am so pleased for you with your imprving health :o)

  3. Must feel like Christmas at your house with all the new stuff. That afghan is absolutely gorgeous. Glad it went to you who can appreciate all the work in it. Congrats on the weight loss.

  4. You *sound* healthier and happier. Congrats on all your improvements!

  5. Wow! You're making such terrific progress! Maybe I should get the exercise Wii. It's sounds like your BFF is a good person to know.

    That afghan is so beautiful!

    I've always wondered if one of those spectrum lights would be good for SAD (Seasonal Affected Depression)?

    That's wonderful all that new furniture you've been blessed with.


    Luvsknitting at gmail dot com

  6. Lizzie, you Go Girl! I'm so impressed. You are my new hero.
    I have one of those lights and it's really handy at times.


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