Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still hookin'

I've received so many Hexies from the ladies at Native American Support. I began the joining process yesterday. Because the hexies were made by various people, they varied in size. So many of them have cream or black borders while some are "just right" and have no borders at all. These are are all the cream ones sewn together. My plan is to next border this section with a round or two of hexies that have black borders. That should make it wide enough. Then I will continue to add black bordered hexies to each end to add lenght and then add non bordered hexies to add more length. Of course, I need to lay it out and see if that will work. I'm sure I'll have hexies left over to start another blanket!

This is my newest knitting WIP. These are just pics of what I hope mine will look like when I'm done. It's Ann Budd's Modern Kimono in the January/February 08 issue of Piecework. It was at the bottom of a big box of yarn I received from a lady at Native American Support. I instantly fell in love with it. Mine will be burgundy. And a bit longer than these. The pattern says 11.5 inches from bottom to underarms, but I think I need it to be longer than that. Maybe 15-16 inches. Even though I'm finally finding my waistline these days, I'm still not so sure a "crop" top is a good idea for me!
I really like the cable ribbing on the bottom, and the edging along the front and neckline. St st from picked up sts that rolls back! Very pretty design!
Tornadoes hit down in Mufreesboro, TN, about 45 minutes from where my son and his family live. Bad news....fortunately my family is all okay.

And the downward spiral of unemployment has hit our family on a personal note. Number two son was laid off yesterday from the small family owned business he's been working for for several years.... I haven't talked to him, so I don't know what his plans are. For him, even in good economic times, finding work is hard. He's on the autistic spectrum, is a non-reader, and needs someone to give him just a little more time occassionaly at work. With all the "normal' people out of work....well, I don't think it'll be easy for him. But, he's a constant source of amazement to me, so maybe it'll work out....

Health news-I've lost 21 lbs since February 2; 90 pounds to go. I found out the scale at the doctor's office was off from mine by about 5 lbs. So I decided to only use the numbers from my Wii Fit. Which means I've lost less weight, but my "old" clothes are getting looser and looser. Oh, and I have a waist line now! Much of what I've been wearing is just way too big now. My blood pressure is down to 114/74. It was like 130 over something in February. I don't know what my cholesterol numbers are, but will find out next month. My blood sugars are completely within the normal ranges about 98% of the time. Occasionally I will have low blood sugar when I get up in the morning, but only once a week or so. All in all, it's all good news.

4/11/09: Your Weekly Address from White House on Vimeo.

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