Monday, April 20, 2009

Mittnz 2009

These are my first two pairs of Mittnz for the 2009 Mittnz Drive. Sure you can't help by making a pair or two?This pair is my own design
With WW yarn, CO 20 sts. Join. Do ten rounds of K1P1 ribbing. St st for 11 rounds. Begin decreases: K4, K2tog around. Knit one round even. K3, K2tog around. Knit one round even. K2, K2tog around. K1, K2tog around. K2tog around. Cut yarn, gather loose sts on tail. Weave in loose ends. Really, we're talking a few hours to help keep a baby's hands warm in the sub-zero temperatures on the plains of South Dakota. Surely you can spare some yarn scraps and a bit of time while watching NCIS or MSNBC?
These are simple, too. CO some sts, say around 30-40 (these have 48 and will fit a large adult hand). Knit flat for at least six inches, with a garter stitch or ribbing on the top and bottom. Sew up the seam leaving an opening for the thumb. How easy can it be?

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  1. Lovely mitts.......there is a reward for you somewhere for all your charity knitting! Is there a timeline on the mitts?


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