Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drink Coffee on Wednesday

There are informal "tea parties" given by tea baggers throughout the United States tomorrow. They are protesting the huge tax increase proposed by President Obama. Yeah, the one that lowers taxes for 95% of the tax payers in the United States. They same one that changes taxes back to President Clinton's levels for the other 5%. Of course, those 5% will be paying more taxes than under King George....

Okay....so it's okay to protest. Freedom of speech and all that. But sometimes I think these right wing conservatives are really, really, really out of touch with the world they live in. I invite you to go to the Urban Dictionary (slang, "hip" words, etc.,) and type in the words "tea baggers." Maybe next time they'll do a bit of research before they start aligning themselves with a term.... Especially one they really don't want to be known by....at least I don't think they do....maybe I'm wrong....

Enjoy your coffee!


  1. OMG, I loved your links especially the last line about Glen Beck. A relative in my presence at Easter dinner last Sunday was bad-mouthing Obama, yadidaddida, etc. (he's a stupid SOB anyway...the relative is). I'll have to e-mail you and tell you the exchange we had. My other relatives were twitching in their chairs. Silence is acceptance and I could not remain silent.

  2. It genuinely amazes me that the folks at the bottom of the ladder are so protective of those at the top. I believe that they believe that they will someday be there.

    Get a clue, folks.

    And then tell me which services you'd like discontinued, because we can't keep them in place without the means to pay for them.

    ::climbing off my soap box, now::

  3. I am not trying to argue politics. Everyone is entitled to their opinions in this country and I hope it always stays that way! But, just so you know, the people participating in the tea parties did NOT call themselves "tea baggers." That perjorative label was given to them by the media and those who oppose their political views.


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