Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mitered Scarf

Yarnarian posted a Mitered Scarf KAL and this is how far I presently am. Yesterday I was much further. Then I saw an error and well, the frog came visiting. The yarn was something gifted to me without a label or tag. I went to the LYS to see if I could find something comperable to keep going and I found out what I had was Malabrigo Silky Merino. I have no idea what this colorway is, but I bought Bahia to keep going. It's a big more "rainbowy" than the original, but, it's pretty, too. The next skein will be something different, too.

This is really an easy pattern to follow and is a very satisfying knit as you feel you've accomplished something with each module finished!

I've been slowly adding sts to my Pelerine, too. It's getting wide now and takes forever to finish one row. But it's nice brain dead knitting for the evenings when my mind really needs something easy to do.

Health regime is progressing. Since January 21st, I've lost 14.1 pounds, with 2.6 drop in BMI. I've seriously been at this since Feb 7 and have lost 8.6 of those pounds due to drastic diet change and increased exercise. My blood sugars are evening out, staying within an acceptable range most of the time. My problem now is too low blood sugar in the mornings sometimes. I suspect if it doesn't even out they'll change my evening meds.

I feel like I'm constantly running now, having to go here and there and never getting any time to just veg. Although vegging isn't necessarily good for my body, my mind needs time to recooperate and recharge. Hopefully it'll all even out when Youngest Daughter goes back to her regular work schedule. She hasn't had a day off in two weeks so neither have I.


  1. The scarf is so lovely, Lizzie. What size needles are you using? We all need time to just veg out and it sounds like you have been pretty busy. Reward yourself.

  2. Your scarf looks great. And WAY TO GO on the health program! You are an inspiration to me.


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