Friday, March 27, 2009

FO, WIP and Stash

The second pair of baby pants are finished.
CO: Mar 19; BO Mar 22
Pattern: Tiny Birds Longies
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and Crystal Palace Bamboozle
Needles" US 5
Modifications: As usual, the pattern was a suggestion. I did about seven rounds of ribbing, an eyelet round, about seven more rows of ribbing. Increased every four sts and knit for eight inches. Divided for legs. Ribbing at the bottom of the leg. Leg total length is about 6 inches. I-cord woven through the eyelets. This is a crochet doily pattern from Panda Man's site called Spiral Simplicity. When I saw it I thought it would make a pretty blanket. So I grabbed some WW and a size H hook. Right now it measures about 32 inches across. I'll keep going till I'm done. It'll either be a big baby blanket, a nice shawl or an afghan!

I've CO a pair of socks for Youngest Son's birthday. No pics of that yet.

Had a great shopping day yesterday. Stopped by a thrift store and..... all for $20.Life is still busy. My eldest son, the one in the wheel chair, and I will be starting a water exercise class next week. Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm hoping they let me participate with him rather than just being there in case he needs help. I need a way to do something different with my exercise regime, and this would be a great addition, I think.


  1. Great thrift shop haul! Lucky you :) Our thrift shops have been kinda low on yarn lately. Wonder what they're doing with it?

  2. Lizzie, you have inspired me with your weight loss and exercise. Time for me to get off my butt (literally) too! Maybe while in the pool, you can practice "water walking" for a change of pace.

  3. Great treasure from the thrift shop!!!


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