Thursday, January 8, 2009


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Socks are done! It's interesting there are so many color variations in the socks. Apparently some sock yarns I've purchased have cotton or acrylic in them. Nylon takes acid dye like wool does, with maybe a slight variation, but cotton and acrylic won't. Fortunately these are work socks to be worn in his rubber boots, so it won't make any difference.
Info: CO 56 sts with two strands of sock yarn
US4 Needles
One inch of 2x2 ribbing, seven inches of leg, seven inches of foot, Dawn Brocco's afterthought heel, standard toe
Leg pattern: 4 rounds of st st, 4 rounds of 2x2 ribbing

Oh...I wanna make these! More pics. They are clear resin needles with yarn (or whatever) in them! And I don't even use straight needles!
The only good thing about one's cat dashing out the door in 35F degree weather is even the dumb cat recognizes it's too cold to go catting around and comes home within the hour. Stupid cat....

Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

How about giving up some meat, if not all?

I'd have loved to been a fly on the wall at this meeting!

Maybe Allison has an idea why health insurance is so costly!

Ya know those little stickers on your produce? Here's what they mean!

If you're going to adopt a pet, go to a shelter!

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  1. Well i think the socks are great, really. i like the non conformity of them.


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