Sunday, January 18, 2009


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As time went on in my knitting yesterday, and I attempted to figure out how to adapt 64 st heels to 58 st socks, and failing miserably, I decided that the Houdini Socks would make a good substitute. Another reason I chose this is now I can make the sole of the other sock, see how much yarn is left and decide if I need to buy another ball or not.
Keeping the "We" in "Yes, We Can!"

“The future is filled with vast and marvelous possibilities. This is a great time to be alive. Let us not despair. And let us go out and work with renewed vigor to make the unfolding work of destiny a reality in our generation.”--Dr. Martin Luther King

So, I've been seeing a lot of commercials for the MagicJack recently. You plug it into a USB port on your computer and then plug your land line phone into it. Free calls throughout the US and Canada. The cost, on sale, for the unit is around $40 and includes one year service. Then it's $20 a YEAR for your phone. And it travels with you and can be used with any internet using computer. We're getting to the point we need a land line in our house. Eldest granddaughter wants to be left at home when we make short trips out, and she's developing a social phone network. A cell phone for her is out of the question, but this might work... Has anyone used one, known anyone that has?

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Broke or Poor?

Circuit City announced recently many of their stores were going out of business. Watch this clip to make sure they or any other business doesn't rip you off.


  1. I keep forgetting about those Houdini socks! After I finish the 2strand sock yarn socks now on my needles, I should try the Houdini socks.

  2. Does this mean that you've put Toe-Up Socks on the back burner?

  3. Lizzie, isn't the heel usually 1/2 the number of total stitches as a rule of thumb?

    Forgot to read your links...going back to do so now.


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