Sunday, November 9, 2008

To Market, To Market...

We did the grocery shopping yesterday and didn't use one plastic bag! It was kinda of a neat feeling, especially when we didn't have all these empty bags to store somewhere. So I made another one, a bit smaller than most of the ones we have. This one is only 10 in x 14 in.

I didn't do any knitting at all yesterday. Between the grocery shopping, making a big lasagna dinner, and crocheting.... Today is movie day, so I'll do two panels on the shawlette and what I can on the Pelerine.

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Home made laundry soap. I used to do this. I quit a couple years ago. Not sure exactly why, but when this bottle of laundry soap is empty, I'm going back to it.

Home made cleaners. I've been a long time proponent of white vinegar. I add it to my final laundry rinse to get all the soap out. It eliminates the need for fabric softener, deodorizes your laundry and helps keep the washing machine free of soap residue.

Fabric softeners, both liquid and sheet, coat the fibers of your laundry making towels less absorbent. They also assist lint in sticking to the back of the dryer which is a potential fire hazard and can cause the dryer to need mechanical assistance more often (and pulling out the dryer to clean is such a pain, especially in a small laundry room). White vinegar is inexpensive, environmentally sound and it works!

I often put half a cup of white vinegar in an a small glass or plastic container and tuck it out of sight in the living room, bathroom, or bedroom. It deodorizes beautifully, without any scent left behind. Much less expensive than plug ins which are actually not good for you to breath in.


  1. I have some purchased grocery totes that fit precisely into the cooler I keep in the back of the car for bringing back groceries when we buy out of town. I try to use them also in our small town, but the size is not quite so important there. Besides the fact that they are environmentally friendly, the handles and size mean fewer trips into the house. I'm very pleased. I paid $1 each for them, and I'm a long way from recouping my investment, but they are holding together well and not showing signs of wear.

  2. Hurray for white vinegar!

    Apple cider vinegar leaves a light scent of apples in the air - and you only need a few drops. It's far better than the fake vanilla and overpowering fake flower scents that come in the stinky things. Malt vinegar, on the other hand, makes me feel hungry. :-)

    Baking soda and washing soda are two more miracle cleaners in my house - Baking soda is a soft abrasive (oxymoron, I know) and helps refresh things, too. The washing soda helps get tough stains out of things without burning or scorching fibres - or bleaching them.


  3. Love your market bags. I have yet to make any for myself. That is a "one of these days" project. Thanks for the idea of white vinegar for freshning up the bathroom and such. This will be tried out very soon. Have a great day!


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