Friday, October 3, 2008

Slow but sure....

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Seems like I just can't make any headway on these socks. I'm ready to turn the heel now. Life has been so hectic these last few weeks. It's starting to return to normal, sort of.... Youngest Daughter's finally gone back to work full time. Her client got home from vacation last Tuesday. Which means I'm up and running from 7:00 am to make sure granddaughters get up, dressed, fed and off to school. Youngest Granddaughter's bus service hasn't started yet, so it's the race across town from one school to the other in the morning. Eventually it will all settle down.

Remember those 60 pairs of Mittnz I knitted? Well all the totals are in and the 66 people participating in the blitz sent in 1003 pairs of mittens/gloves/wristers mailed in late September and early October to the Cheyenne River Reservation, Eagle Butte, SD.

This woman has some scary stuff....and I don't mean "BOO!" scary.

Looking for cat hats? Not hats for the cat, hats with cats on them! Cat Hat #1 and Cat Hat#2!

To my five know who you are!


  1. Sounds like you are so busy that it is difficult to keep up the knitting pace like you were doing.

    Congrats! It appears that you knit more mittnz than anyone else.

  2. You always find the most amazing stuff!

  3. Love the color of your sock yarn. Don't you think that color would look pretty for a fall sweater?


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