Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Knitting is feeling better....

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Almost done with the sock. I was done, up to the grafting when I had Youngest Son try it on and it was about an inch too short. So frogged back to decreases, added a few rounds and am starting the toe decreases. It felt better knitting yesterday. Maybe just getting out of the house for awhile did it.

So, I bought this printer at Big Lots! the other day. Twenty dollars. Such a deal! What I didn'tsee was the fine print that a USB printer cable must be purchased separately. Not knowing that these are universal, I started researching and found the Lexmark cable cost more than the printer...and almost as much as the printer if I'd paid full price at OfficeMax for the printer. Fortunately money is low so I didn't order the cable.

After I dropped Youngest Granddaughter off at school, I went to have coffee with my BFF, F. He had an extra USB printer cable. They are universal, and now I have a printer. You know, there has to be something wrong with the world when it's cheaper to throw a printer away than to buy an ink cartridge for it....

BFF, F and his hubby B, gave me a gift certificate to KnitPicks. I came home and immediately ordered two sock blanks! I've been wanting to try these out since someone came out with the idea (and it wasn't KnitPicks). Contemplated buying my own knitting machine, but just can't swing that yet. Anyway, it'll be great fun to dye them. Ginny did some with Wilton's cake frosting dyes.

To compensate for the lack of cake baking facilities, Youngest Daughter brought home birthday doughnuts yesterday. I really like a plain cake donut with my morning coffee.


  1. Lucky you.....a gift certificate to Knitpicks! Glad you are feeling better about the knitting. Breakfast donuts works for me!

  2. You might want to try Fry's Electronics - they have really low prices on cables and cords. I think there is one in Tempe, not sure if that is close to you.
    The socks are looking great!


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