Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeling of Accomplishment

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Pattern: Neckwarmer
Yarn: Caron Wintuk
Needles: US4

Modifications: After binding off the "sleeves" I kept front and back sts live. Added 8 ridges of garter stitch to both front and back and BO. Picked up sts on sides and added 8 ridges there, too. It's a nice easy knit, goes quickly and I think will serve the purpose.

I started about three projects last night and frogged them all. When reading was the only hobby I had, many years ago, I had to have some down time between books. To get the finished story out of my head and make room for the new one I guess. I'm beginning to think knitting is the same situation. It doesn't seem to bother me to pick up a WIP, but I have to wait to start a new project after finishing an old one. That and dealing with this whole, knitting what I want vs knitting what I think I should knit thing. I'm spending a lot of time on Ravelry looking through patterns and such!

I've been meaning to ask, "How are the gas prices in your part of the world?" Ours are down below $3, some as low as $2.79. Never thought I'd see gas below the $3 mark again!


  1. Another great project you've knit! I really like the way you did the edges - much easier than the original pattern.

  2. Nice looking neck warmer.

    Gas prices are $3.09 gal. in Vermont. It's been under $3.00 in NH for a couple of weeks now. I'm noticing a difference in the traffic on the commute to work...more cars back on the road.

  3. Last time I bought gas it was about $3.40. We have always been on the top end of prices.
    I like the neckwarmer and am considering it for CRR.


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